Book Talk Wednesdays #1: Indie Books

08 Oct
Book Talk Wednesdays #1: Indie Books

Pick a book, would you rather read a bestseller or a book that few people know about? Personally I’d want both, but I’d most likely pick the bestseller. Why? because humans naturally gravitate to the well known stuff since we think it will be fantastic. But do you ever stop and go man I have never heard of this book or author, I’m going to read it. I know I do, some of my favorite books are from Indie authors. Ever heard of Hope for Garbage by Alex Tully? One of my favorite books, I am not going to tell you what it’s about besides check it out on amazon. (I will put a link below) I bet you have heard about Afterworlds by Scott Westerfeld or Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn. Those are two really popular books, but they are just as good as indie books. I want you, yes you to go out and look on amazon and find a book that isn’t common and interests you and read it. Comment below what book you found and if you liked it.

Daily Question:

Do you read bestsellers or indie books?


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